Botox®, fillers, and Belkyra® to reduce the width of the face and create a sharper jawline

The jawline is an area of the face that when enhanced can do wonders for creating a stronger more sophisticated appearance. Botox® in this area is used to relax the masseter (or jaw muscles) which results in a slimmed jawline and a more feminine appearance for those that feel they have a wide or “strong” jaw. Conversely, fillers can also be used for those with the opposite concern of not having enough definition in the jawline and can beautifully add volume in the right areas to create a more pronounced jawline and profile. Sometimes these concerns can be accompanied by excess fat under the jawline which hides the definition of the jaw, using expertly administered Belkyra® we will be able to eliminate the fat in this area. The result of this procedure is a stunning jawline that balances the proportions of your face, and gives a youthful appearance.

Lifespan: Botox® 3-4 months, jawline filler 1 – 1 ½ years, Belkyra® up to 5 years.


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