Under Eye Fillers in Toronto

Do you think that you look exhausted, aged and depleted? Are you insecure about your eye bags and tear troughs? Using advanced injection techniques and a gentle touch, our cosmetic enhancement specialists at The Pout Clinic use fillers to plump the hollows under the eyes for an instantly refreshed and well-rested appearance. The results are natural and completely undetectable.
The eyes are the window to the soul! Unfortunately, one of the first areas that can start to show signs of aging is the eye area. Due to the delicate, thin nature of the eyes, they can start to look hollow and dull. That’s where we come in.



“I am beyond thrilled with the work done by Melissa at The Pout Clinic. Not only is she incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, she’s also a total sweetheart! She took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me and worked with me to plan out exactly what I wanted to get done to enhance my natural features. I am SO happy with my results! Thank you, Melissa – see you again soon!”Alysha V.



You Deserve A Youthful Glow!



Does It Hurt?

Many patients come into The Pout Clinic worried about the discomfort associated with under-eye filler. Our team of highly-trained professionals ensure that treatment at our clinic is as comfortable as possible. Before we begin the treatment, we thoroughly freeze your under eyes with a topical freezing agent. Once your under-eye area is completely numb, we will begin our cosmetic injections for under eye wrinkles.
During the procedure, you should feel little to no discomfort. Afterwards, you may be slightly tender in the affected area(s). However, it is perfectly safe to go about your daily activities!
Dermal fillers are a non-invasive procedure that require no downtime.


What Should I Expect After The Appointment?

After your appointment, you may notice a slight tenderness under the eyes. Swelling and light bruising may occur over the next few days. However, these side effects will dissipate within a few days and you can reveal your youthful, plump appearance with pride!



How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

Hyaluronic fillers typically last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. The length of time that your under-eye filler will last is usually dependent on your body’s natural metabolism rate.
Once your filler has dissolved, you may come in for a touch up.


Is Botox Different Than Filler?

Yes! Botox and filler are two completely different procedures, even though many people get them confused with one-another. Botox cannot achieve volume restoration or enhancement. Botox (and other neuromodulators) simply freeze (or relax) the muscles in the face. Filler provides an enhancement to different areas of the face for a youthful glow.


What Types of Filler Do You Carry?

We carry a variety of fillers that have different benefits. Your injector will discuss your desired goals before choosing the best filler for your concerns. If you have any questions regarding the fillers we carry, please book a consultation or call our office!
We carry a range of fillers that have different benefits for each. Due to the expertise of your injector, the appropriate filler for your concerns and goals will be chosen by your injector at the beginning of your appointment. If you have any questions regarding the fillers we carry, please book a consultation or call our office!


Ready To Unlock The Fountain of Youth?

If you’re ready for eye-bags and tear troughs to be a thing of the past, contact The Pout Clinic today! We offer effective under eye fillers for Toronto and GTA residents.
Call us or fill out the contact form below to book an appointment with one of our skilled practitioners — and leave looking youthful!


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