June 04, 2018


How This Generation Made Cosmetic Enhancement Nbd.

There was once a time when people would never dream of telling you that they had a little help throughout their aging process. We can’t escape it, it’s a completely natural part of our lives we fight daily and yet we never talk about it… Until now!

A new day has dawned and millennials are at the centre of it, yet again. The rise of public figures like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, (seen above) having a little work done to enhance their appearance, has somehow shifted the culture towards… Acceptance? It seems sharing our lives through the lens of social media has made us feel more open and connected as we are discovering our similarities through the content we share about our lives, like Kylie Jenner admitting she got lip fillers because she was insecure about her lips.   

Recent surveys have concluded that millennials are requesting Botox and dermal fillers at a growing rate, not only are more and more young people opting for these non-invasive procedures but they’re not afraid to tell the world that they had it done. What was once a taboo topic has become as casual as telling your friend you got a manicure, millennials seem to be less hung up about divulging that they’ve had some botox, which is honestly kind of refreshing. After all, we all want to look and feel our best so why should we feel ashamed or embarrassed?

With this bold emergence of confidence, looking properly “done” is essentially like this seasons new designer bag. Instead of touting Prada or Yves Saint Laurent handbags to accessorize with, millennials are accessorizing their faces with Botox®. 

The key to not looking over done, is finding a practitioner that will administer what is necessary for your facial volume loss. The younger you are the less you will need to look refreshed, too much and you can easily appear much older than you actually are. At The Pout Clinic we always strive for natural looking stunning results that look like you, just refreshed. 

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