Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers in Toronto

Do you want to look energized, youthful and plump again? Dermal fillers might be for you! Dermal fillers beautifully plump the skin to give a beautiful, fresh appearance. Your results with dermal filler will be nearly immediate. At the Pout Clinic, we are proud to be Toronto’s leading provider of dermal fillers on Adelaide Street East — that’s right, we’re right downtown and easily accessible for everyone in the GTA!




Depending on your concerns and goals, there are different fillers that may be used. At The Pout Clinic, we primarily work with Juvederm®, Teosyal® and Revanesse®. These are soft tissue cosmetic dermal fillers used to smooth the appearance of facial lines caused by the aging process. Dermal fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar molecule found in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that depletes as our bodies get older and reproduce less of it – resulting in a loss of facial plumpness.


We use dermal fillers with naturally-derived hyaluronic acid. Each of our fillers has a small risk of an allergic reaction.


How Do Dermal Fillers Work?


Dermal fillers are injected directly into the skin or deep in the structure to create a lift, all while softening lines and folds. Our expert practitioners work with you to understand the cause of your concern and build a custom treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goal. Each treatment is tailored to the patient and the product choice will differ dependent on the desired results. Softer dermal fillers are used in the lips, while firmer products are administered in areas providing facial contouring — such as non-surgical nose correction, chin augmentation and cheek enhancement.

Where Can I Place Dermal Fillers?

  • Lips: Dermal filler can be injected into the lips for plump, pouty lips.
  • Wrinkles: Dermal fillers allow greater precision in medium to deep wrinkles. Unlike with Botox, dermal fillers do not lose the ability to contract facial muscles.
  • Nose: We offer a non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers. In only a matter of minutes, we curate the nose you’ve always dreamt of by injecting the brim of your nose.
  • Eyes: If you’re noticing that your eyes are beginning to look sallow and aged, we can inject dermal fillers to eye bags to plump and revitalize.


What Should I Expect After My Treatment?


Depending on the scope of your tailored treatment, you can expect to see results immediately. Patients may find they require multiple treatments to achieve the desired result, whereas others may need less intervention and require minimal treatments. The Pout Clinic’s practice is to provide you with proper education and realistic outcomes to meet your cosmetic enhancement goals, all without compromising the integrity of your facial features. Results can last anywhere from 6-18 months depending on how much product was used, what area(s) were treated and how quickly your body metabolizes the product.


Dermal fillers also require no downtime! Following your treatment, you might notice some swelling and redness that should dissipate within a few days. This will allow you to resume your daily activities on the same day.

Who Is Not An Ideal Patient For Dermal Fillers?


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we will not perform this treatment on you. It is strongly advised to cease taking any medications that may have blood-thinning properties (such as aspirin) for a minimum of 10 days prior to your appointment. During your consolation, you will be asked to disclose any previously existing medical conditions, treatments or surgeries.


Need More Information?


Our team will provide you with an in-depth, informative consultation before you begin treatment! We ensure that you are comfortable before beginning your treatment.


Feel Your Best With The Pout Clinic!


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Dermal Fillers

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