From Consult To Results

The Pout Clinic does not offer just any regular consultation, we offer a consultation that empowers you to feel confident in your decision, after all, this is about your face. We will guide you through the process while addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. We understand the sensitivity of the nature of these non-surgical facial procedures and want to equip you with the knowledge you require to move forward with confidence and trust. Our process is as follows:



We start the journey to your facial rejuvenation with an in depth assessment of your face, we will guide you with a series of questions to truly shape an idea of what your concerns and motivations are to gather a better understanding of your desired outcome.

We then map out the areas of the face that we can treat in order to facilitate the change you’re hoping to see and feel with your appearance. Once these key points are identified, your face will be meticulously observed by your practitioner where we are looking at facial anatomy, bone structure, shadows and contours of the face and your face’s natural muscle movement.

Each person is unique, therefore each patient’s concerns and challenges will be different which requires an experienced practitioner to tailor your treatment to you. There is no blanket approach to cosmetic facial enhancements; natural beauty restoration calls for delicate handling and the minimization of imperfections to truly highlight your unique and attractive facial features.



Perhaps one of the more important components of the consultation process is educating the patient. We strive to educate you as much as possible to ensure that you feel empowered and confident in our expertise to move forward with trust. We will equip you with in depth knowledge of the procedures and products that will be used in your customized treatment and answer any of your questions or concerns with patience and care.

Part of the reason some patients may have been disappointed by previous experiences with cosmetic injectables is directly correlated to a lack of education the patient receives in order for them to fully understand what is realistic, what is achievable and why. For this reason we support our patients with two key areas of focus:

Root Cause Education

We want the patient to understand why we are seeing these particular concerns, because it’s simply not enough to fill the wrinkle or line. Once we know the cause of the facial fold we can address what is happening to the skin and integrity of the face.

Treatment Education

We don’t want to leave you guessing, we want to inform you of exactly what will be taking place and how everything will work together to achieve your desired result. During this component we will walk you through the details of any products that will be used for your treatments, the benefits as well as the risks and lastly, how each treatment correlates to the root cause and correcting the issue.


Custom Treatment Plan

We work with you to create a customized treatment plan that best suits your individual needs and concerns. Our goal is always a natural looking result and never overdone or misplaced product. Tailored plans will consider the unique foundation of your face, the natural contours and pinpoint areas in need of refinement to improve the overall aesthetic of your face.


Optimal Results

Once we have gone through the formal steps of the consultation we will work with you to achieve your desired outcome within your timeline, budget and comfort level. Our approach to facial remodelling is gradual and artistic, consisting of regular treatments that compound over time producing the most effective and aesthetically pleasing enhancements.


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