Botox for brides

Look Radiant on your special day

It is our absolute pleasure to help you look your ultimate best for your wedding day, we understand this is one of the most momentous occasions of your life and we want to make sure you feel comfortable and properly cared for before your big day; always natural looking, never overdone, beautiful results.

We typically suggest that you book a consultation six months in advance to ensure you receive the absolute best treatments to achieve your desired appearance. This timeline gives us flexibility to address any questions or concerns and take a humble incremental approach to your facial rejuvenation or enhancement. It will also provide a grace period for any swelling or bruising that may occur during treatment, a common side effect for some patients. Additionally, we will be able to pivot and make adjustments to your treatment should you feel you want more volume or Botox® in certain areas. Our expert practitioners will help guide you and walk you through your options and what is realistic in terms of outcome during your detailed consultation.

A common concern for brides coming into The Pout Clinic is that the corrections/enhancements will be noticeable to the attendees at their wedding. We want to assure you that the results will be completely undetectable and echo our practice philosophy that is anchored in delivering natural results that complement your face’s unique features. Highly requested treatments for brides usually consist of softening facial lines with Botox®, dermal fillers to restore the midface and under eye area for a more rested appearance, and lip enhancement to restore volume and produce a more hydrated and youthful look.

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