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At The Pout Clinic, we offer some of the best Botox treatment in Toronto and the GTA, providing facial injections for wrinkles and other skin and face-related imperfections.


As we continue to age, we lose collagen, fat and elasticity in the face. This process also includes the lips, which can start to lose volume over the years — leading to lips that appear deflated and dehydrated. There are also those that have naturally modest lips and we stress that it is of the utmost importance that you seek a skilled and experienced practitioner that will consider the proportions of your face as well as your lips natural stretch threshold to achieve the most proportional and appealing results.


World Famous Wrinkle Relaxer


Do you notice that you’re developing unsightly wrinkles that make you feel insecure? Do you want to rejuvenate and smooth your skin? 


Using a hyaluronic acid based filler, our expert practitioners will plump and augment the shape of your lips for a soft and subtle voluminous look — all without ever appearing overdone.


The ideal answer might be with Botox injections to remove wrinkles, as well as other skin imperfections. 




“I saw Melissa and she is a sweetheart. She’s both knowledgeable and friendly about getting the right procedure done for your face type. Her honesty and advice was appreciated. She walked me through the entire process explaining what she’s doing and the importance of why she’s doing it which was comforting. Results were fantastic and her follow up was with great compassion. Highly recommend her and would go back to this clinic in a heartbeat!”Riley Uiga

What is Botox Cosmetic?


Botox is a neuromodulator that has been approved by Health Canada. It is a cosmetic injection product that aids in the reduction of facial wrinkles that are caused by aging. It is also a highly-studied and peer-reviewed medical aesthetic product that temporarily relaxes the muscles in a given area where the product is injected.


How Does Botox Work?


Wrinkles are caused by a repeated contraction of facial muscles such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. Our highly-skilled practitioner will administer the Botox to address the underlying cause of facial lines and wrinkles. The Botox will temporarily limit movement in the targeted areas, resulting in a smoother appearance of the skin in addition to preventative aging benefits. Botox is not only used for anti-aging – it can be used for medical purposes as well, such as migraines.

What Is Botox For Migraines?

Botox treatments can be administered for treatment of migraines. The procedure has been highly effective with several patients with migraines and may be suggested by your general practitioners. Botox can be injected into the jaw muscles to block neurotransmitters from carrying pain signals. Once this blockage occurs, the nerve endings around your head will not trigger a pain response in your brain.


Does It Hurt?


Botox is virtually pain-free. The needles associated with Botox are extremely tiny. You will also require no downtime or discomfort following your treatment.


What Should I Expect After My Treatment?


Following your treatment at The Pout Clinic, you may notice slight swelling or bruising in the injected area. However, both swelling and bruising will dissipate after a few days.


Once treated with Botox, you might see slight results within 48 to 72 hours. However, full effect will be visible after 14 days following the treatment. The results from Botox can last between 3-4 months depending on the patient. Once the effects of your Botox treatment wear of, The Pout Clinic advises a remedial treatment to maintain your skin integrity and prevent further aging. You can expect to feel comfortable and look like yourself with less visible signs of aging.


How Can Botox Be Used As A Preventative Method?


Botox can be used as a preventative measure to minimize the risk of premature aging. Because Botox temporarily relaxes, or freezes, the muscles at the injection site, your expression lines are diminished. Following your treatment, you will be unable to disrupt the skin by causing movement and therefore, you prevent further wrinkles from occurring.


Who Is Not An Ideal Patient For Botox?


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we will not perform this treatment on you. It is strongly advised to cease taking any medications that may have blood thinning properties (such as aspirin) for a minimum of 10 days before your appointment. During your consultation, you will be asked to disclose any previously existing medical conditions, treatments or surgeries.


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If you’re interested in finding out more information about Botox or any of our other services such as lip fillers or if you’d like to book your consultation with one of your practitioners, please call our clinic or fill out the contact form below to book an appointment today! 

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