June 04, 2018


Consider This Before You Book Your Appointment

Firstly, congratulations are in order because you’re engaged and planning one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s completely normal to feel nervous, excited and a little scared, it’s a huge event and all eyes are on you. Naturally, you want to look your best because those photos are for life!  

If you have been considering cosmetic enhancements as part of your pre-wedding planning then this is for you. There are common questions bride-to-be’s ask so we thought we’d share them with you so you can feel empowered, armed with the answers to move forward with a decision you feel comfortable with.

How long in advance should I book my Botox® or dermal filler appointment?

Ideally, we like to suggest at least six months before your big day for a few reasons. One being that you want to have your consultation well in advance to make sure there’s enough of a grace period between your recommended treatments and your wedding day. What you may think requires a little filler or Botox® may actually be a multiple step process in order to achieve the most desirable, natural looking results. The goal is not a “quick fix” but a balanced approach done correctly so your guests have no idea how you look so flawless.

I’m considering cosmetic enhancement but I’m scared I’ll end up looking “overdone” or obvious for my wedding.

The Pout Clinic adheres to a very meticulous process developed by founder and injection specialist Megan Kozak RN, in which each patient’s unique facial features and skin condition are taken into consideration to provide the absolute best care. Every treatment is explained thoroughly and each patient’s questions and concerns are addressed with complete transparency and honesty. That said, the core of our clinic philosophy is centered around natural looking, exceptional results. We pride ourselves on enhancing your natural beauty, not altering it.

We hope this article helped to answer some of your burning questions about cosmetic enhancement for your wedding day. If you’re considering bridal treatments, we encourage you to book your consultation with us today.

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