Full Face

Botox®, filler, and Belkyra® used in combination as a global approach to achieving overall rejuvenation or enhancement.

There are some parts of the aging process that we can’t stave off with a proper diet or exercise, and that is the natural loss of volume and collagen in the face. The Pout Clinic is built around the meticulous process and advanced techniques employed by Megan Kozak RN, Founder and seasoned cosmetic injection specialist. Beautifully balanced, natural looking results are absolutely achievable with layered treatments and proper assessment of your facial structure and skin integrity. Using a combination of dermal fillers, Botox® and if needed Belkyra®, we can rejuvenate the face resulting in a much softer, more rested appearance.

Lifespan: Full correction can last 2+ years.

Full Face
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