shine bright like a diamond...

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Think of it as the Holy Grail of skin therapy; delivering vitamins, peptides, minerals and amino acids directly into the dermal layer of the skin (via injection) to maintain that celebrity glow!

Will I have a noticeable glow?

With filler treatments you can immediately notice the difference, as it works by adding volume under the skin to reduce folds and give contour to the face. Having said that, it is critical that this procedure be done with proper care, experience and specialized knowledge. Naturally that holds true for all medical procedures, but this is one you definitely can’t afford to have someone mess up on – it’s instant!

With POUT’s mesotherapy you’ll have more than a noticeable glow - naturally you’re directly feeding your skin all the good stuff it needs and it will show you it’s pleased. A few things you can expect with mesotherapy:

  • Enhanced regeneration of skin
  • Improved health of the dermal layer of skin
  • Elimination of hyperpigmentation
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • More even-tone skin complexion
What to expect?

Just because it works wonders, doesn’t mean you’ll have to suffer for it!

Mesotherapy consists of a number of painless, non-invasive micro-injections that are roughly 3-4 mm deep. Since this beautiful blend of skin-rejuvenating properties is gently injected into the skin, it works both internally and externally (note: creams – when they do work, only work externally).

Make some POUT time and just let it shine! It’s yours for the taking, book your complimentary consultation and come love the glow we know.